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Christmas Cloche Display – step by step tutorial

cloche display

Today I made this Christmas Cloche display, using card and a block of oasis. I love decorating the house for Christmas by adding my own DIY touches. This year, I’ve decorated my entrance room with whites and natural themed decor giving it a winter wonderland feel. I created this Christmas Cloche display to sit on my newly painted white dresser. I’m really happy with the results. Here’s how I made my Cloche display…



Scissors/craft knife


Tape measure


What you will need:

Glass Cloche

Cake board (unless your Cloche already has a base).

Large sheet of white card

Block of oasis (usually used in flower arranging)

Christmas lights

Artificial snow

White Paint


Let’s Make a Christmas Cloche display!

Step 1.  Measure the height, diameter and circumference of the Cloche.

cloche display

Step 2.  On the card, mark out the height and width that you want your largest tree to be. Take a few inches off the height to allow for the oasis that your tree will be sitting in. You don’t want your tree to be touching the top or the sides of the Cloche.

Step 3.  Mark out the height and width of a further three trees, making each one smaller than the last.

cloche display

Step 4.  Draw the trees on using the measurements as a guide (Download My Free Printable Here).

cloche display

Step 5.  Use a craft knife or scissors to cut the four tree designs out. This is most time consuming part…so be patient…the more detail, the better!

how to make a

To make the border:

Step 6.  Measure along the straight edge of the card and mark the length of the Cloche circumference. Add an extra few inches on so it can overlap.

Step 7.  Draw on your border design an inch up from the bottom edge. Draw buildings with windows and doors so that the light can shine through when cut out.

cloche display

Step 8.  Use a craft knife or scissors to cut out the border.

cloche display

Step 9.  Paint the trees and border to add texture to the card. Leave to dry flat.

Step 10.  Paint the cake board and block of oasis to match the trees. Leave to dry. Cut the oasis to size first if required.

Step 11.  Place the oasis block onto the cake board then push in the tallest tree first. Add the other three trees making sure you have them in the right place before you push them in (I cut lines into the oasis as a guide).

Step 12.  Lay the cloche on its side so you can wrap the border display around the inside bottom edge. Staple the ends together and put to the back.

cloche display

Step 13.  Arrange the lights around the base of the trees, hiding the battery pack at the back. If your lights are mains operated, push a hole through the cake board using a screwdriver to put the wire through.

cloche display

Step 14.  Cover the base and oasis with a thick layer of artificial snow, then carefully place the glass cloche over the top.


All that’s left to do is turn on the lights and let your imagination take you away into the winter wonderland!

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