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How to Make a Notice Board

how to make a notice board

Today I’m sharing with you how to make a Notice Board out of a cork board. I religiously glance at my notice board each time I leave the house and have it statically placed beside my front door. This is the perfect spot, as it’s the last chance to grab those important letters that need posting, shopping lists, coupons and even keys, saving valuable time and money!

What you will need to make a Notice Board…

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  • Scissors
  • Drawing Pins
  • Large Needle
  • Felt Pen
  • Staple Gun
  • PVA Glue
  • Brush
  • Paper
how to make a notice board

Let’s make a Notice Board…

Step 1.  Lay the wadding on a flat surface, then place the corkboard face down over the top. Trim off the excess wadding leaving it the same size as the board.

Step 2.  Flip over the board, so the wadding is lying on top. Carefully place your chosen fabric over the wadding making sure the pattern is lying how you want it. Hold the frame to keep everything in place and flip the board back over.

Step 3.  Wrap the fabric around the back of the frame and staple it on. Flip the board back over, so it’s fabric side up.

To make the Motif:

(This optional motif step will need to be completed before you attach the strapping)

Step 4.  On paper, draw or print out a motif design then cut it out. Download your FREE printable ‘Hare’.

Step 5.  Place the motif on to the hessian and draw around it with a felt pen, then cut it out. (If the hessian is fraying too much as you cut the motif out, cover the hessian with PVA glue first then leave to dry before cutting)

Step 6.  Use PVA glue to attach the motif to the notice board. Press it on until it starts to stick by itself.

how to make a notice board

For the strapping

Step 7.  Lay twine/hessian strips over the board in a diagonal direction approximately four inches apart,  then lay more strips going in a different direction creating a diamond-shaped pattern. Use drawing pins to temporarily pin each strap in place around the frame.

Step 8.  Flip the board over and staple the straps securely to the back of the frame. Trim off the excess fabric and strapping using sharp scissors.

Step 9.  On the front of the board, tie a knot with twine around each section where the straps cross.

Step 10.  Thread a button using a large needle and push it through one of the knots you have just tied, leaving the button sitting on the front and the thread hanging at the back of the board.

Step 11.  At the back of the board, tie the thread securely around a paper fastener, then open the fastener to secure the thread. Repeat this step until the strapping is attached to all the crossed sections.

Hang the notice board up on your wall.

Most important final step…use it and enjoy being more organised!

Putting photos on a notice board can help you remember to look at it. Make it work with your decor, so you don’t move it! Before you know it, you won’t be able to live without it.

Watch me make it!

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how to make a notice board