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Spring/Easter Display Ideas!

Spring/Easter Display Ideas

I absolutely love Springtime, possibly even more than Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but the dark nights don’t like me. As soon as my Christmas decorations have been put away, I’m thinking about how I can brighten up the house for spring! Today I’m sharing with you some Spring/Easter Display Ideas to inspire your decorating this year!

Who Doesn’t love bunnies!

Tip: Rabbit ornaments can be pricey. so keep a lookout in the charity shops! It doesn’t matter what colour or finish they have as long as it has the basic shape of a bunny, you can transform it later to fit your style.

Here are some of the bargain bunnies that I’ve transformed! I glued beige fabric from an old pair of trousers to the bunny on the left (he was a dull shade of brown). The bunny on the right I bought online, then glued reindeer moss all over him.

Spring/Easter Display Ideas

My little-worried bunny in the middle was covered in a strange pattern with a high gloss finish. So I painted him cream, rubbed a damp tea bag over the dried paint, then slightly distressed him with sandpaper to highlight his features!

Two years after buying him, I spotted another one identical sitting up on a shelf in a charity shop. I just had to have him, the price didn’t matter. (He was 50p in case your wondering!) Because he doesn’t have very prominent features, I’ll probably paint him too.

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Spring/Easter Display Ideas

Use Cloches in your displays!

When the sunlight shines through the window it brings everything to life!

Spring/Easter Display Ideas

Tip: Most ornaments look good in a cloche as long as they fit the space. If your display looks too low down, stand it on something with a flat top, like a book or two or even a jar, like I’ve used in this picture to give my little cream bunny more height. I hid the jar with moss and bits of bark!

Spring/Easter Display Ideas

Use Three Main Colours in Your Display!

Sticking to three main colours will help give your display a professional look. Here I’ve used greens and whites with natural coloured wood and on the photo above I’ve used greens and whites with darker coloured wood.

Spring/Easter Display Ideas

Artificial Apples add an instant vibrant splash of green!

spring/easter display ideas

TIP: Don’t worry about where to store any new bunnies you buy, just tie a bow or scarf to your rabbit to match it to the room or the occasion. This way, you can enjoy them all year round and don’t need to worry about storing space!

Spring/Easter Display Ideas

I covered this bunny in the linen fabric too. This handsome chap was sold as a (slightly tacky) garden ornament but we have hundreds of bunnies living around our farmhouse all year round so I would rather look at them in the garden.

I will leave a link at the bottom of this post to where you can buy him (and other items featured in the post) or very similar.

Spring/Easter Display Ideas

He is the largest of my bunnies and currently lives in our entrance room wearing his Ticking Striped Fabric scarf to match the decor. My last three DIYs have included this gorgeous fabric, so he’s showing them off to whoever walks in the door!

Spring/Easter Display Ideas
Spring/Easter Display Ideas

At Christmas, I tied a hessian bow and a little white bell around his neck. I don’t think he looked out of place..do you?

Spring/Easter Display Ideas

Brighten up a dull corner for spring!

I usually keep my boxes of craft stuff on these steps, but since deciding to spruce up this room, I’ve shipped it out to the larder. I placed a bunch of Hydrangea in the corner instantly brightening up the dull space! Then put some accessories on the steps.

Spring/Easter Display Ideas

Tip: When displaying Hydrangea, stick to odd numbers to get the right balance. Sometimes I lay a single stem in front of a display to balance the colour.

Hydrangea or my favourite flowers of all time. I display them in my home all year round to give instant impact where needed! Not quite sure whether or not to use the ivy though? Help me decide!

Spring/Easter Display Ideas
Spring/Easter Display Ideas

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I hope I’ve inspired you to get creative with your displays this Easter/Spring and realize that a bunny is not just for Easter!

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Bye for now! ~Minnie~

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