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How To Decorate A Christmas Tree ~ Rustic Style ~ With Glamour

how to decorate a christmas tree rustic style

Today I’m sharing with you how to decorate a Christmas tree rustic style with a touch of glamour. This idea came about when I couldn’t decide on a theme! Three hours ago, my tree was going to be decorated in red and silver so I could display my bargain glass pewter finials. But after seeing my snowy owl decoration peeking out of a storage box, I knew I had to use him. Red with White…eekk…not an option. Read how I’ve decorated my Christmas tree in a rustic style but still with a glamorous touch.

how to decorate a christmas tree

Here’s how to decorate a Christmas Tree Rustic Style with a Touch of Glamour!


  1. Set your tree up making sure all of the branches are nicely opened out.
  2. Position your tree where you want it and make sure it looks straight.
  3. Add your Christmas tree lights and replace any broken bulbs.
  4. Spray the entire tree with snow spray (optional).

Let’s Decorate:

  1. Unroll some hessian and attach the end to the top of the tree. Twist and tuck the hessian as you go down the side of the tree. Secure it to the bottom then repeat where required. (I did this four times on my seven-foot tree).
  2. Get out all of your Christmas tree decorations and lie them on a table.
  3. Keep all the neutral coloured decorations even if they have a slight sparkle. Avoid gold and silver finishes unless it’s in pewter. Pack away the rest.
  4. Arrange them in sizes small medium and large.

decorate a christmas tree rustic style with a touch of glamour

5. Add your tree topper first. (I’ve sat my DIY Christmas Robin up there).

how to decorate a christmas tree rustic style

6. Hang the larger decorations first. Arrange them evenly throughout the tree alternating colours and designs.

7. Next, add your medium sized decorations making sure any favourites have pride of place.

8. Add the remaining smaller decorations to the top half of the tree.

9. Finally, sprinkle fake snow along the tops of the branches.

Tip: If you don’t have enough neutral coloured decorations, spray some old baubles white and wrap twine around the top leaving a loop to hang it with.

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how to decorate a christmas tree rustic style

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how to decorate a christmas tree rustic style