Christmas Tree With Chocolate Filling

christmas tree with chocolate filling

I bake this Christmas tree with chocolate filling every year for my kids. It’s surprisingly easier than it looks. Treat your family and guests to this indulgent bake and watch them have fun twisting off the branches to reveal the chocolate sandwiched inside.
Just follow these step by step instructions to see easy this bake is…


2 sheets of puff pastry (ready-made)
50 grams of chocolate spread (we use supermarket own brand)
30 grams of almond flakes
1 egg yolk


Let’s Bake a Christmas Tree with Chocolate Filling!

1.  Lay one sheet of pastry onto the other.
2.  Cut out the shape of a Christmas tree.
3.  Peel the second layer of pastry back off.
4.  Spread chocolate on one sheet.
5.  Sprinkle almonds on to the chocolate.
6.  Lay the other sheet of pastry on top.
7.  Cut slits on both sides around 1cm apart, leaving the centre intact.
8.  Cut out a star shape with the spare pastry and place it on the top of the tree.
9.  Brush the pastry with egg yolk mixed with a little water.
10. Bake for 20 minutes at 220 degrees C.

Tips: Before you start to twist the branches, lay the pastry tree on greaseproof paper so that it can easily be lifted onto a baking tray when you’re ready. Twist the branches in the same direction to create a neater more professional finish. Add a sprinkle of icing sugar to look like snow…and to taste yummier too! Add sweets to the branches to look like Christmas tree baubles (my tree goes so quickly, I am yet to do this).

This Christmas Tree with chocolate filling only takes me about 6-7 minutes to prepare…just enough time for the oven to heat up! This is definitely my son’s favourite bake as he loves having fun twisting of the branches, as well as being a massive lover of chocolate spread!

christmas tree with chocolate filling

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christmas tree with chocolate filling