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Make a Christmas Robin

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In this step by step tutorial, I show you how to a make a Christmas Robin. I love having a wildlife themed decor in my home, especially at Christmas time. Upcycling a plastic egg left over from Easter and some scraps of fabric, I created this cute little Christmas Robin to sit with my woodland creatures on my winter wonderland display.

To make a Christmas Robin you will need…


  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Pliers
  • Hole punch
  • PVA glue


  • 8 paperclips
  • Twine
  • Plastic or polystyrene egg
  • Cream felt and grey fabric
  • Small black buttons
  • Twigs
  • Black card

Let’s make a Christmas Robin…

Starting with the feet:

Step 1. Bend out the inner loop of each paperclip.

make a christmas robin

Step 2. Use pliers to squash together the large loop end.

Make a Christmas robin

Step 3. Straighten out the inner loop then bend up 90 degrees. The paper clip should now be in an ‘L’ shape. Do this with all of the paperclips.

make a christmas robin

Step 4. Wrap one paperclip around another by twisting the two straight sections together. Twist on the other two paperclips.
Step 5. Twist one of the paperclips to the back. You should now have something that resembles a bird’s foot with four toes.

make a Christmas Robin

Step 6. Finally, one section at a time, wrap twine around the foot. Start by tying a knot around the end of each toe then wrap the twine tightly around the toe and leg. Use hot glue to secure the ends in place.

make a christmas robin
make a christmas robin

To make the body:

(The more pointed end will become the Robin’s tail).

Step 7.  Start by cutting out a square of cream felt making it slightly too small to wrap around the whole egg. This will become the breast and face area.

christmas robin

Step 8.  Wrap the felt over the bottom of the egg and glue it on. Folding the felt as you go, try to make the face and breast areas as flat as possible (see the picture).

christmas robin

Step 9.  With the grey fabric, cut out an oval shape making sure it’s the right size to nicely sit over the top and sides of the Robin, then cut out eye areas (see picture).

christmas robin

Step 10.  Starting with the face area, glue the grey fabric on over the top of the bird. Don’t glue down the back or side edges.

christmas robin

Step 11.  Break twigs into three-inch lengths. Use hot glue to attach four or five pieces on for the tail, glueing them under the grey fabric at the back.

christmas robin

Step 12.  Cut a slit in the side fabric, then attach twigs underneath (creating the wings). Glue down the flap to hide the ends of the twigs.

make a christmas robin

Step 13.  Use a hole punch to cut eyes out of the black card then glue them on.

Step 14.  For the beak, (using the black card) cut out a triangle, then roll it into a cone shape glueing to secure. Use hot glue to attach the beak to the Robin.

make a christmas robin

Step 15.  Attach the feet using a generous dot of hot glue.

make a christmas robin

Now your sweet little Christmas Robin can be added to your decor. Maybe sit him up in your Christmas tree? His wired toes will easily bend to hold on to a branch.

My little Christmas Robin act’s as a reminder for me to feed the bird’s over the winter months.

Always be careful when using hot glue and sharp cutting tools!

Happy Christmas Crafting!

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make a christmas robin

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