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Free Printable Christmas Storage Labels

free printable christmas storage labels

Have you started thinking about packing the decs away yet? Or maybe you’ve secretly started already. I don’t particularly look forward to this chore, but I must take the time to organize properly this year as I have some new fragile ornaments and tree decorations that will need to be well protected.

Today I’m sharing with you some Christmas packing ideas and Free Printable Storage Labels.

Before I start packing everything away, I’m going to label each box so I know exactly what’s going in it, in the hope this will make the whole experience more enjoyable. That’s the plan anyway!

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I’ve got plenty of plastic storage boxes, but they’re not long enough to fit my rolls of gift wrap, so I end up storing them under my bed, but it’s not ideal as it gets dusty under there. So I’ve treated myself to a gift wrap storage box. The length is great for storing rolls of wrap with handy compartments that sit in the top for smaller things like bows and ribbons. This will be so handy as I like to write my cards out early, so no more rooting through the loft in October as this storage box fits neatly under my bed.

I’ve had a few people ask me if I can make Christmas Storage Labels like the ones I designed for my DIY Christmas Eve Kit. So last night I did just that and made some Free Printable Christmas Storage Labels that you can download. You could laminate them for durability like I do, or If you don’t have a laminator, you could tape the labels to the inside of your box (only if it’s transparent of course).

I’m not big on Christmas Sale Shopping, especially between Christmas and New Year. My daughter was in the Metrocentre yesterday and she said every shop had a queue going out the door! Maybe I’m just getting old, but I’d rather go without. After the queues die down, I like to challenge myself to buy all of the Christmas cards and wrap for that year in the sales!

Christmas Packing Ideas:

  • Lay all of your decorations out on the floor so you can see exactly what you’ve got and where.
  • Attach a label to each box stating what’s going to go inside.
  • Set aside two cardboard boxes, one for any broken or damaged items and one for unused items. Recycle where possible or give to a charity shop.
  • Start by packing away all of your fragile things first. Use bubble wrap, tissue, newspaper or even paper out of the shredder to make sure it’s well protected.
  • Next pack away the garlands, greenery and trees (this will give you more space to go through the smaller items). Shake/wipe of any dust first.
  • Check stockings are empty and pack together with freshly washed Christmas jumpers (you could use these soft items to cushion fragile things, but I prefer not to mix the box contents).
  • Pack washed and ironed table linens together with other tableware.
  • Pack all Christmas tree decorations in groups of colour or style or fragile or soft. Whatever works best for you.
  • Pack tinsel, chains and hanging decorations together.
  • Pack away Christmas lights by wrapping them around drums to keep them from getting tangled. You can also wrap them around empty gift wrap rolls! Pack smaller sets of lights into little boxes or used gift bags.
  • Have a box labelled ‘other’ to put in everything else in.
  • Pack Christmas cards together with gift wrap, gift bags, bows, ribbon, and all other wrapping materials. I like to store this box separate to the rest. This means I have it handy for early Christmas card writing and I can pop in bits that I pick up in the sales. Gift wrapping storage boxes can be stored under beds.

Enjoy using the Free Labels, I hope they make your Christmas Packing a little easier!

Happy New Year to you and your family from Minnie Days!


free printable christmas storage labels